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Welcome to EnergyMare Project

Renewable marine energy is a clean and ecological alternative in the context of adapting to climate change and dependence on conventional energy, and should also be considered as a way to stimulate the economy and promote the territorial cohesion of the AA. Nevertheless, it is vital that marine energy is exploited in a sustainable and harmonious manner, with close collaboration between all of the regions of the Atlantic seaboard.
ENERGYMARE (Cooperation for the use of renewable energies in the Atlantic arc from 15/11/2012 to 15/11/2014 ) was born from the need to stimulate the production of renewable energy and its integration into the industrial and business fabric through the diversification and conversion of mature sectors, the implementation of new research and technology development centres and the training of technicians specialised in marine energy, to ensure the sustainable development of the AA.


  • Creation of a Transnational Cooperation Network to push, promote and develop a renewable tidal power production.
  • Establish a transnational pool of experience, collection of data and supervision of the progress.
  • Explore the potential of innovative energy sources from the sea.
  • Development of pilot projects to test experimental prototypes of energy production in the marine environment.
  • Cooperation to overcome the limitations which currently influence the implementation and progress.

  • EnergyMare Road map

    To achieve these objectives, the project implements a set of actions with the aim of analysing the potential of renewable energy resources in the marine environment, organising an inventory of the energy resource information and measurement instruments and carrying out a study of the existing technology for producing energy from the sea and the systems for removing and transporting this energy. ENERGYMARE also aims to create test areas for the measurement, production and removal of energy and to carry out context analyses and impact analyses of the development of different sources of marine energy.
    As a project for promoting cooperation in renewable marine energy research, implementation and general use, ENERGYMARE will contribute to the sustainable development of the Atlantic seaboard and simultaneously to economic growth and job creation in the AA.

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